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Last week the Power of Information (POI) Task Force published a draft report that they plan to hand over to the government, advising how government can deliver benefit to the public from new developments in digital media and the use of state generated information. Their coverage of Trading Funds, and their suitability as a model for running organisations such as Ordnance Survey is a worthy read.

Over the last nine months the POI task force have blogged and discussed pertinent issues openly, ran a competition (Show Us a Betterway) to engage with the public and subsequently canvassed opinion from entrants, and they’ve also spoken with several organisations in related industries. A marked contrast to the ‘we know better’ approach taken by the GI Panel and their Place Matters report, and the work of the Shareholder Executive in their role assessing the suitability of Trading Funds.

Hopefully – it would make sense – the findings of the POI taskforce feed into the review of trading funds and OS business model by the Shareholder Executive? I guess we’ll have to wait for the budget to see if it’s a case of ‘joined up government’, or left-arm right-arm. The POI task force report, in its current form, gives the Shareholder Executive a clear alternative to an ‘off the shelf’ Ordnance Survey privatisation.

Given the potential impact this interest from the cabinet office could have on the UK GI Industry, I’m surprised at the lack of discussion among stakeholders? The AGI have just posted a response to the UK Location Strategy…it would be interesting to learn of their input into the work of the cabinet office and Shareholder Executive, or their take on the draft report from the Power Of Information task force?

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